Friday, July 22, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover: Chicken Edition

In preparation for the chickens' eventual laying, Ted did a little makeover on Chick'n Villa, making their area of the shed a bit bigger and putting up some places for them to nest and lay. He used a modular utility shelf with the shelves separated and put the top of their old cage in there for them to perch. What did he find this morning when he went to feed them? They were perched on the handle of the lawnmower (half of the shed is given to lawn and yard tools). I wish I could have gotten a picture...after all that re-configuring and they perch on the lawnmower. It's the same kind of feeling when you give your baby expensive developmental toys and all they want to play with are wooden spoons and tupperware lids. It's off to the feed store today for some more feed and some boxes for their nests - although I have heard that kitty litter boxes work just as well!

As soon as I opened the shed doors, the chickens were in to check out what I was doing

Plump chicken, hope a fox doesn't get you

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  1. LOL! omg - that's hilarious. "Thanks for the fancy modular deluxe thing and all...but we'll take the lawnmower, thanks." And I love that they follow you to see what you're up to!'re the chicken mama! You HAVE to read "Animal Vegetable Miracle."