Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good morning

I'll admit it - I'm a morning person. I am one of those people who doesn't mind and, in fact, likes getting up early. I love the peacefulness of a day that hasn't begun, the smell of the air, and the possibility of a new day. Yesterday is over, and today has potential. For example, yesterday when I woke up, I had no idea that I was going to start a blog. I did wake up feeling like I needed to do something. Take my writing to the next level. Express myself creatively. I've hit a bit of a standstill with the novel I am working on and have been feeling very frustrated. So when I mentioned to Ted that I was thinking of starting a website or something like that, he sat me down and before I knew it, I was off and running. I have a tendency to think about doing all kinds of things but when it comes to action, I am terrible.

Here I am, 6:30 in the morning, writing another entry. I had always scoffed at writing a blog - everybody does it, who is going to care about things I write? That is the point exactly. I need to write for myself and only myself and if people read it and like it, great! If not, that's fine, too. I am finding that writing these entries is more healing and rejuvenating than I ever would have thought. I am the kind of person who takes forever to return phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and the like. When I am in a stressful situation (as I have been for several years now), I tend to isolate myself and not communicate with other people. That can result in hurt feelings or lapsed friendships. If anything, perhaps this blog will teach me the importance and value of opening myself up. I am always worried about upsetting other people and one of my biggest fears in life is having people angry at me. So instead of facing things head on, I tuck my head back into my shell and just don't deal with - not a healthy or productive way of living.

What will today bring?

And in a note of deliciousness, as I mentioned last night, here is a picture of the blueberry focaccia I made last night - breakfast this morning:

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